Brand Bio

GIADA was born in Milan, with a design ethos of minimalism, sophistication and elegance.

With an “Art to Art” philosophy, GIADA is dedicated to making both fashion and lifestyle into forms of art.

Tracing the humanistic spirit of the Renaissance, GIADA symbolizes the soft power of GIADA Woman in the brand's totem of "Flower on the Rock".


Creative director

Coming from a furrier family, Gabriele’s first passion is the search of the highest quality materials as well as experimenting with textiles.

The designer won the Vogue Italia award ’Who’s on next’ in 2008, and was finalist at the LVMH prize in 2014.

Gabriele stays true to GIADA’s staple minimalist style, and has been the creative director since 2015.

Rosanna Daolio


Rosanna Daolio was born in Emilia, Italy. After serving as a stylist and designer at an Italian womenswear brand for 13 years, she founded a creative studio and started to explore a minimalist, feminine and exquisite design style. She also provided creative consulting services for Ungaro Spagna, Cinzia Rocca and Elena Miro.

With her past experience as a designer,Rosanna Daolio realized that there was no brand dedicated to providing tailored design for elegant and independent women. She founded her own label GIADA in Milan, posing a strong expression of subtle and delicate feminine power of modern women.