Linea Lucis

The film series of “Art to Art” manifests GIADA’s pursuit of art; each of the episodes tells a story between GIADA and an exceptional artist who is deeply connected with the brand. Linea Lucis is the second episode of the series telling the story of Gabriele Colangelo, creative director of GIADA.

Linea Lucis tells the story of GIADA creative director Gabriele Colangelo's understanding of fashion, nature and life. With a background in literature, Latin and Greek language, ashion design is an expression of Colangelo's humanistic heritage. The philosophical thinking in the design process brings Colangelo a rigorous creative approach, drawing inspiration from painting, sculpture, architecture to reflect GIADA’s encouragement of women’s spiritual world.

Work, passion and movement jointly create Colangelo's inner peace, which evolves into GIADA's quiet style and minimalism through pure lines and refined colors.